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A cup of coffee or tea,
It's the Caffeine that makes the difference.


What We Do


Steve Jobs said, Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works.


Building a product or Engineering it. We solve Problems. Our solutions are geared towards the User, because a design is as good as it works for the user.


Even though we speak many languages, we can talk to computer in more languages, than to a human. Tea or Coffee, the caffine is converted to code.


With Cloud first approach, we are well versed with Azure, Amazon Web Services(AWS) and Google Cloud Platform(GCP) alike.
Code, integrate and Deploy!

Project Scope

  • Machine Learning/Cognitive Technologies
  • Artificial Intelligence/NLP/Data Science/
  • Product Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Chatbots
  • Game Development (IO Games)
  • eCommerce Development.
  • Marketing Automation
  • Azure Active Directory B2C
  • API Integration and custom software development.

Technology Stack

  • Languages we speak:
    Angular, React JS, Node JS, PHP, Python C#, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, jQuery
  • CMS/Framworks:
    Laravel/ Code Igniter/Wordpress/.Net /Sharepoint
  • IBM/Google/Microsoft/AWS:
    We are not biased. We play well with IBM, Google and Microsoft alike. IBM Watson Campaign Automation
    IBM Bluemix
    Watson Natural Language Understanding
    Google Tensor Flow
    Data Studio
    Google Cloud Platform
    Google Maps API, Search API, Vision API,Google Adwords API
    Google Console API, AWS SNS, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeCommit,
  • Azure Active Directory B2C:
    Identity and access management for your customer-facing apps

A few Epic User Stories, from our Agile Board

Bring on Your Challenge!

Dynamically crafting a million emails to a diversed range of users bases on location, interest, best send time?
Selling the best product to the customer at right time?
Intelligent Automation to provide the most related relavant content based on user behaviour
Looking to build a tool to acquire the right business with the due deligence?
Building a chat application for staff, customers and bots to work along side?
Increasing sales through Facebook Chatbot
Custom modules for Shopify?

Horizontal & Vertical

We work with


We here Understand the pain point. Building a MVP or transforming the vision for your first round of funding.
It's in our DNA.

Growing Businesses

There is no small business.
What it is, is Business. Building the right product for the right price and on time.
It's that Simple!

Fortune 500

With Data center's located across the Globe, Compliance in GDPR, Data Security and Beyond.
Bring on the challenge!

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to transform your next big idea!