A glimpse to how we used Intelligent Automation to provide the most related article suggestion to client’s users

Our client welcomes more than 140,000 readers. Ultimately the goal is to serve every user with relevant articles based on the content they are viewing or on some factors such as geographic location, device type, time of the day and much more. This system analyses the website text for keywords and returns content based on those keywords. For example, if a visitor is reading an article about Artificial Intelligence, they can be targeted for related services like Cognitive Technologies, Augmented Reality, Machine Learning, etc. Thus, the client wanted intelligent automation to track the user behavior and present them with the most related content based on their priorities.

Technology Stack

  • Languages we speak:
    Angular, React JS, Node JS, PHP, Python C#, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, jQuery
  • CMS/Framworks:
    Laravel/ Code Igniter/Wordpress/.Net /Sharepoint
  • IBM/Google/Microsoft/AWS:
    We are not biased. We play well with IBM, Google and Microsoft alike. IBM Watson Campaign Automation
    IBM Bluemix
    Watson Natural Language Understanding
    Google Tensor Flow
    Data Studio
    Google Cloud Platform
    Google Maps API, Search API, Vision API,Google Adwords API
    Google Console API, AWS SNS, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeCommit,
  • Azure Active Directory B2C:
    Identity and access management for your customer-facing apps

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