Look how we helped a client increase sales through Facebook Chatbot

The client deals with iPhone insurance and sells them online through different platforms. They have a large customer base on Facebook. They receive thousands of inquiries on a daily basis which become almost impossible to revert each of them with relevant information. All the more, each of the lead has to be redirected to the website to explain the plans and make the sale. It led to the loss of potential customers which means a loss of revenue. To cope up with this problem client wanted an automated system, Facebook Chatbot which is able to interact with the clients over Facebook Messenger. He wanted intelligent automation to be implemented so that he can earn 100% response rate and in return earn more clients.

Technology Stack

  • Languages we speak:
    Angular, React JS, Node JS, PHP, Python C#, JAVA, Ruby on Rails, jQuery
  • CMS/Framworks:
    Laravel/ Code Igniter/Wordpress/.Net /Sharepoint
  • IBM/Google/Microsoft/AWS:
    We are not biased. We play well with IBM, Google and Microsoft alike. IBM Watson Campaign Automation
    IBM Bluemix
    Watson Natural Language Understanding
    Google Tensor Flow
    Data Studio
    Google Cloud Platform
    Google Maps API, Search API, Vision API,Google Adwords API
    Google Console API, AWS SNS, AWS Lambda, AWS CodeCommit,
  • Azure Active Directory B2C:
    Identity and access management for your customer-facing apps

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