How to Convert Customers for ‘Out-of-Stock’ Products?How to Convert Customers for ‘Out-of-Stock’ Products?


BY ADMIN / ON 19 Oct, 2019

How to Convert Customers for ‘Out-of-Stock’ Products?

Products cannot always be available, they run out-of-stock many times. There can be many reasons the item can be sold out. Whether it is seasonality, the nature of the product (exclusive ones) or even the offer which might have made it unavailable, you can’t hold it. It takes blood and sweat to make customers reach your site. It is equally important to convert those customers who have come to the e-commerce site for that out-of-stock product. You just can’t ignore them.

But how to convert such customers raises a big question in the minds of many e-commerce site owners.  The answer is quite simple. As soon as a customer hit a product page that he can’t buy, give him an option which he might not have expected. Try to exceed their expectation. And here’s what you can do to do that.

Landing Page

Another way to engage your customer for a product you can’t sell is redirecting them to a landing page which says the reason for the unavailability.

Trust me! The users would be eager to know why the product they have chosen is not available.  Again you can showcase some related products on that landing page.

Changes are there that the user might be interested in those products. This would let them buy some or the other product.

Email Sign-up

Let the customer feel welcomed on a product page that they can’t buy. Don’t just let them go.

You can ask them to sign-up with an email or drop their email so that they could be notified once the product is in stock. Doing this audience would be given a chance to spend some time on your website.

This could also let you benefited with an email list you can use later for your promotions. Isn’t it cool!!



This is a way too technical. You can set up a pre-order button for those out-of-stock products. This could let your customers buy the product within some time when the product arrives.

For this to be made possible you have to take care of few things. Firstly, you have to be assured when the product will arrive and have to fix the date as per that.

Secondly, you have to take care that the product is delivered as per the mentioned date and delivered anyhow. It shouldn’t happen that the in-stock date is after 3 weeks and you deliver the item within one or two weeks. In such cases, you should notify the customer with early deliveries. Otherwise it might break their trust on your website.

Last Words

You can convert your customers coming to out-of-stock product through a well-managed product page. You have to make their ‘could be bad experience to a great one.’ You should give them an option which could be an email sign-up, or landing page or an opportunity to pre-order but try making them come back to your site time and again.

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