Magento Checkout Options for Greater ConversionsMagento Checkout Options for Greater Conversions


BY ADMIN / ON 19 Oct, 2019

Magento Checkout Options for Greater Conversions

One of the main reasons people go for online shopping is that they don’t want to queued up for long in order to purchase their product. An easy check out is a great sigh of relief for the customers.  In order to convert more leads into customers, you have to have this feature as a must. The easier customers are able to purchase their product, the greater would be the chance of their come back.

Magento has really helped its merchants to save their pockets on the Checkout feature. It has some default check out options as well as some add-ons which could help you make an easy going market store for your customers.

Default Checkout Options by Magento

Magento has some really impressive default checkout options which are a treat for its Customers

Magento One-page Checkout

Magento understands its user’s value for time and doesn’t want the customers to waste their time on extra clicks. Thus, it offers one-page checkout option.

This checkout process works in steps. Customers can see one section at a time with information about the next step. When a customer click a buy now button, it would first ask for shipping address and chosen shipping method followed by payment-process and finally the ‘place order’ segment.

Magento is known for its customization. Sellers can opt out default customer settings to add particular fields. Also, if the customer wants to purchase a downloadable product then shipping details could confuse them. In such cases Magento offers plan B where the checkout automatically turns out to be a single step process without shipping details.

Magento Guest Checkout

Many times user doesn’t want to get registered and leave their information. In order to convert such users, Magento has provided the option of Guest Checkout. Here the customer can purchase any product without registering themselves to the e-commerce site.

Also, the sellers could use the Guest checkout to register customers extension to automatically register the customers and provide them with password and transfer their information to a new account.

Magento One-Click Checkout

Repeated customers already have their shipping address and payment information saved in their account. In order to ease such customers with the checkout process, Magento offers Instant Purchase Module.

This checkout option helps the customers to purchase their product in just two clicks. Just click the Buy Now and then Confirmation and you are done!! Isn’t it great!!!

Owners of the Magento shop have no excuse to loose the customers with the cumbersome checkout processes. It also has a Magento One-step checkout extension which is a bit similar to Magento One-page checkout with a difference of no extra clicks and showing total order price all at once.  Magento has given several checkout options and add-ons which one can use to make shopping a great experience for its user.

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