Drawbacks of Artificial IntelligenceDrawbacks of Artificial Intelligence


BY ADMIN / ON 19 Oct, 2019

Drawbacks of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a terminology used in machines as simulated or artificially generated intelligence. These machines are totally programmed to think as human think and to mimic in the same manner a person acts. The best out of artificial intelligence is that has the ability to rationalize and react as per the situations because it totally works on the command and commands are programmed in these machines.

Artificial Intelligence can be best utilised in order to achieve specific goals. Scientists are using their minds to exhibit traits in these machines in order to understand problems and resolve it. Although, this intelligent technology has some drawbacks also, which you must know upfront.

Malfunction of Artificial Intelligence

The aim of artificial intelligence include learning, reasoning and perception and machine are wired using of a cross-disciplinary approach based in science, maths & psychology. As technology advances, previous benchmarks that defined artificial intelligence become outdated.
Examples of artificial intelligence are self-driven cars; computers that play chess are the new development in this field. Computers need to predict the situations and react accordingly like in chess; the end result is winning the game. Same as in the case of self-driven cars, a computer needs to consider all the external data and analyse it in order to get prevented from any disaster or accident.

Disputes on Artificial Intelligence

One common phenomenon is that machines will become so highly developed that human civilisation won’t be able to keep up with it. Another is that these machines can actually hack into human’s privacy and could use it as a weapon against humanity. It came to notice that people are arguing for making code of conduct or ethics for artificial intelligence also or otherwise they should also be treated same like as humans.
Self-driven cars are a subject matter of controversy, as their machines are designed for lowest possible risks and least casualties. While they remove the incidence of human error, it means if they were put in a situation in which they had to decide between a crash with one person and a crash with another then, they would calculate which crash would lead to fewer amounts of damage and the risks but yes, it would need to choose one. People are disagreeing with the fact that lives of humans should not be put at the mercy of a machine.

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